The design protocol of HairHungary

Owing to the protocol of hajbeültetés , we have been especially thriving in developing aesthetic hair framework and hair line. The achievement of the hair transplant treatment is determined by hair structure and hair line, so numerous aspects must be considered during the planning phase.

The final word aim would be to discover the ideal proportion of hair density and hair distribution, so making a harmonic stability in the hair, encounter and forehead.
According to our protocol:

Dávid Zakariás MDThe grafts are in no way inserted straight, in a single direction in the skin – the angle of every hair is individually outlined to ensure that the natural problem of hairs inside the seemingly requested composition is reconstructed. During the meantime, particular treatment is taken that every hair is planted deep enough and, furthermore, an exceptional density of hairs is accomplished.

By optimising the heeling angle of hairs, we are able to attain significantly better density while making use of comparatively reduced quantities of hair, manufacturing an absolutely natural appearance.

“Improvement of your lateral slit strategy has delivered the device by which clients can acquire exceptional hair density. We’ve been glad only while you are content!”, Dávid Zakariás MD claims.
HairHungary density protocol:

The microsurgical device we use permits us to develop a considerably higher density of hair than by before insertion strategies. We will insert as a lot of as a hundred to one hundred forty hairs on a region of 2cm2 while decreasing the destruction to your pores and skin into a bare minimum. For more info about the system, be sure to talk to our specialists.

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